Chapter Memberships

  • The Maryland Association of Police Planners (MAPP) is a professional organization for law enforcement and criminal justice planners in the State of Maryland. MAPP provides a premium networking opportunity for law enforcement planners and senior police leadership in the region. For more information, check out the MAPP Facebook page at
  • The North Carolina Law Enforcement Planners & Crime Analysts Association was organized in 1979 to promote and improve the quality of law enforcement planning in North Carolina. Currently, there are over 50 members from agencies across the state, both sworn and civilian personnel, who work in the areas of planning, crime analysis and grant writing. For more information about NCLEPAA, please visit its webpage at
  • This transaction is $40.00 but will be charged at $0.00 in the market member portal because this Chapter's memberships are directly managed by OALEPA. We still need you to process the "free" transaction through the member portal and afterward, the treasurer for OALEPA will actually reach out for payment. For more information about OALEP, please visit its webpage at
  • The IALEP Southwest Chapter focuses on issues that are unique to the southwestern region of the United States – particularly, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, southern Nevada and southern Utah. For more information about IALEP SouthWest, please visit its webpage at
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