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The City of Spokane Police Department is looking for a Police Planner. We are seeking someone with strong analytical skills coupled with strong interpersonal skills. You will need to bring a passion for data and be able to understand the business function behind the data. You will be asked to complete tasks quickly, sometimes forging your own path to get things accomplished. This requires open communication, so everyone is aware solutions are coming. Discretion and confidentiality are paramount.

You bring an eye for design, or a willingness to hone those skills.
You are a motivated team player who is open to accepting feedback and opportunities to grow.
You are honest, follow scientific principles when evaluating data and understand that part of this is being disproven, without taking it personally.
You want to develop a solid understanding of Police Department business functions.
You understand how data fits together and what it means.
You must have strong technical, mathematical and statistical skills.
Ideal candidates can write SQL statements, develop statistically sound analyses and create professional presentations and dashboards.

Our Police Planners have professional development opportunities, annual pay step increases, a flexible schedule and great employee benefits, including a pension plan!

To apply for this job please visit