This month’s symposium topic is:

Amid Unrest; Unconditional Self-Respect
With Natalie Summit

Attendees will

  • ask the question, “If both of us matter, why the unrest?”
  • define and deconstruct the term “unconditional self-respect.”
  • explore the concept of self/other respect
  • evaluate “what now?”

In January 2019, Natalie Summit, retired from the Scottsdale Police Department as a Police Crisis Intervention Specialist. During her career, Ms. Summit responded to approximately 70-90 calls for service per month (in-person/telephone). She provided training for the local community on “What to expect in a Police Response” to international venues on topics focused on training First Responders (Crisis Intervention Team training, Mental Illness, Addiction, Victimology, and Special Needs). Ms. Summit served on the SPD SWAT CNT team as a mental health professional for 5+years. Natalie will tell you she loved her job and felt it a privilege to serve alongside her brothers and sisters in Public Safety.

Natalie Summit, LPC, is the Clinical Director for Stepstone Connect – First Responder Online Programs. While Ms. Summit spent 20 years helping her Scottsdale, Arizona community, she shifted her expertise to now support First Responders, sworn and civilian, in need of counseling services for PTSI/D, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide Ideation, and Addiction. Natalie recently developed First Responders-specific curriculum. The First Responder Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to help First Responders who are managing mental illness/wellness and addiction. Ms. Summit provides this and other counseling services to First Responders across the United States.


Click <here> to register for the Zoom webinar on September 24th  1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EDT.