This Month’s Symposium Topic is:

Consideration When Implementing Technology in Policing

Time: Mar 3, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Policing and technology
Toolkit development for law enforcement planners in supporting technology selection.

This session is designed to assist law enforcement planners in their role of supporting technology acquisition and implementation for their agency.
In their role as researcher, adviser, supporter, planner and implementor, Law Enforcement Planner need to bring a broad range of skills, knowledge, and evaluation tools to their discussions with the police leaders with whom they work.

While the emergence of radio equipped cars, and handheld radios were major technologic advances in the mid-century, todays police agency is confronting new technology issues on a daily basis, from CAD upgrades, to Intelligence analysis and visualization tools, through to electronic dashboards and new social media options. The development and propagation of police related technology is continuing on its accelerated trajectory, with more technology emerging, in parallel for what appears to be the accelerating need for technology solutions.

In this constant onslaught of needs, options, choices and decisions, critical and foundational discussions with law enforcement planners and police leaders are sometimes side lined, and as a result, issues may get overlooked that will have profound and lasting impacts on both the agency and the community their serve.
This session will look at the issues surrounding technology. Motivation or rationale for acquisition, determining the problem to be solved, the expectation of the community and the impacted stakeholders, cost (capital, operating, human and organizational), determining what success looks like following implementation and how to measure that success and then planning for new technology (product evaluation, selection, purchase, configuration, implementation, and maintenance).

This session is designed to provide law enforcement planners with a toolkit of components to support them in the early consideration, needs assessment and evaluation phases, when new technology is being to consider. This session and toolkit are to assist law enforcement planners in their support of police leaders and their agencies when it comes to technology and its acquisition. A single page guide sheet for technology evaluation will be provided.

About the Speaker:

Prof. Jim Brown, DProf (c), MSc, FRSA, CMM III (Police Executive)

Jim is an Adjunct Professor of Criminology at Ontario Tech University following over 30 years of experience in policing at the municipal and international levels. He was seconded to serve with municipal, provincial, state and international agencies, leading missions and Ministerial level negotiations on behalf of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) across eastern Europe, including Romania, Hungary and Russia into issues ranging from police training to community development.

He has managed multi-million-dollar projects involving diverse cross functional teams to achieve complex organizational goals and outcomes. He is an experienced policy analyst, trainer, business analyst and change manager, specializing in innovative performance measurement and operationalization of technology. Jim holds a Masters (with Distinction) in security studies, focused on human security, and is a professional doctoral candidate in policing and community safety, specializing in human trafficking.

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