Welcome to the New IALEP
Member Portal!

Welcome to the members-only section of the IALEP website.  Here, you can access the on-line member database, post news items of interest to your colleagues, obtain instructions on joining and using the IALEP Forum, and retrieve downloadable copies of a number of useful documents.  You can also visit the IALEP market to enroll in courses, pay for conference attendance, or renew your membership.

Go to your profile page to update your profile picture, cover photo, and bio by editing your profile here.

Fill in all your profile information fields and add Member Skills by visiting your profile about section.

Click here to subscribe to the newly improved IALEP Forum feature. You will still receive email notifications as usual, but now be able to visit and communicate within the Member Portal.

Please update your password from the generic one provided to your own and much more secure password by visiting your dashboard here.

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This account allows you to access the member portal on the IALEP website.  As a member in good standing, you are able to update your user information, share your areas of proficiency in the law enforcement planner field, and renew your membership.  Visit the Dashboard menu item for a better understanding of what this account can do for you.

As a member of IALEP, you are entitled to a number of benefits, many of which are offered through this website.  Specifically, you can shop the IALEP store to order and pay for membership renewals, conferences, and training classes.  You can also access the member database in the event that you’d like to network with other law enforcement planners.  Another benefit is that you can participate in IALEP’s Forum – a service that allows professional queries to be broadcast to members, and facilitates and archives responses.  Please take some time to explore the Member Portal to see what it has to offer!

If you just renewed your membership, your payment still needs to be processed by our office manager.  This can take up to three business days.  Rest assured, we’ve built a grace period into your membership, so you should still be able to log into your account and enjoy all your benefits.  If you still feel like something is wrong, please contact our office manager at office@ialep.org

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for membership.  They are, however, transferable to other members of your agency.  Please visit our store to access the “Membership Transfer” form.

You can click this link or simply type IALEP.org into your address bar.

If you were a member within the past three years, your primary information, including your current membership status and expiration date have transferred over. However, if you are an active member, as we recently revised our member skills list, we ask that you visit your dashboard to indicate your police planner proficiencies and areas of expertise.

No, your current membership status has transferred over to the new site – retaining your last known membership expiration date.

This feature, new to the IALEP member site, allows you to establish direct email links and email groups with fellow IALEP members. This feature may be particularly useful, for example, for Chapter members to communicate with one another.