2018 Canadian Staffing Symposium

2018 Canadian Staffing Symposium

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The Ontario Association of Law Enforcement Planners is pleased to be hosting the Canadian Staffing Symposium from November 6th to 8th at Peel Regional Police in Mississauga, Ontario. In addition to a Canadian focus, there will be representatives from as far away as England and Puerto Rico who will be sharing their experiences in policing and helping to provide an international perspective. Doctor Alexander Weiss from Chicago will be the lead facilitator.

At OALEP we encourage our members to look outside of policing to find possible solutions to some of the challenges we face. In that light, we are excited to have Mr. Stephen Walkom, Vice President and Director of Officiating for the NHL delivering a keynote speech on Change Management.

Who should attend? Police planners, police leaders, directors of business/finance/human resources, statisticians, police “pracademics”, and others involved in staffing and deployment modeling.

Registration is now open!

For additional information on the symposium please visit our website and check out our “News” at http://www.oalep.ca
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